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Selkia Slow Skincare

Free Reusable Beauty Buds (Bamboo)

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These reusable beauty buds are a sustainable alternative to single-use cotton buds.

They are plastic-free and designed to last, and have a variety of exciting uses like make-up application or correction, removal of dirt, shaping eyebrows and more.

Why we love:

  • Bamboo stems with multiple colours to choose from
  • Reusable buds prevent over 10 thousand single-use buds per person from landfills or ending up in the ocean
  • Silicone is anti-bacterial, so can be left out on the counter
  • Easy to clean under warm water or with a quick wipe

Best for:

Adults only. All skin types.

About Responsible Beauty

Responsible beauty incorporates the entire life cycle of a product, from manufacturing to end of life.

- Reduces carbon footprint

- Less need for the creation of new plastics.

- Glass and bamboo products reduce risk of product contamination.

- Recyclable products & packaging.