Where it all began

It's late 2020, times are tough, and a change from corporate life is needed. Something new. Something rewarding.

We wanted to make a difference and the one major mutual passion we had in common was the ocean and the environment!

So we searched within our own household and there it was, in the bathroom, and in the bedroom. Clutter! Waste! And, opportunity. We needed to give back to the planet. Stop the over-consumption and plastic.

Then began the many weeks of research.

Eco Turtle Life was born

ECO: What does it stand for?

eco /ˈiːkəʊ/adjective

not harming the environment; eco-friendly.

We want to slow beauty down, enjoy beauty & skincare without damaging our planet. Bathroom products such as cotton buds, cotton balls, face wipes, toothpaste, face wash etc. are massive contributors to micro-plastics in our soil and ocean. 

TURTLE: Why the Turtle reference? 
We love marine life and turtles, especially the little Kemp's Ridley turtle. 

LIFE? What about it?

By adopting reusable products and using sustainably made, sourced quality, green products we can make a big difference. We want them to last and be a part of our future life. 

The only way forward is to change. Hence why our tag line is the 'Eco Beauty Revolution' 

- reduce waste and create awareness​

Thank you for your support x

Tam and Gav